Welcome to the website of Llanelwy Community Church.

There is a Sunday Morning service prepared on our “Sunday Service” page which you can access through the menu. We will all be clicking through this independently at the same time at 10.30 on Sunday morning, so please join us then. We’ll then be contacting one another to encourage and support one another with phone calls and/or chat or video tools at 11.45. Please join us then too. Details on today’s Sunday Service page. Look out for other meetings. If you want to use the Sunday Service at another time – please do. That’s fine. We’ll leave it there for about 5 days then move it to the previous services page.

Sunday Service – April 18th 2021

During the Corona-virus pandemic, the church building will be closed. However, the church community is still very active here on the website and on our facebook page Facebook/LlanelwyCC.

If you are visiting or interested to find out more about the Christian faith, we’d love to help and to get to know you more. Please explore the website and also get in touch using our contact page.

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