logo_1(orange)Llanelwy Community Church was formerly known as Llanelwy Christian Fellowship until 2014 (Llanelwy is the Welsh name for St Asaph).  Although we are an English-speaking church, we recognise our Welsh context and encourage people to
engage with God in their first language.  The church was established as a ‘plant’ from Sussex Street Christian Centre in Rhyl in 2001.  We are affiliated to the Baptist Union of Great Britain and would describe ourselves as ‘evangelical’.  We are a small, welcoming, family friendly church that seeks to be actively involved within our local community.  We operate from a shop on the High St, which places us physically at the very centre of the city of St Asaph, which is where we desire to be spiritually.  As a Church we have developed the following ‘marks’ that define our purpose and character as a church:

We at Llanelwy Community Church are called to make a mark for Jesus Christ in the city of Llanelwy through a commitment to:

1.  Honour

  • Always seeking to outdo one another in love…
  • Always seeking to be obedient to and apply the word of God to our everyday lives…

2.  Welcome

  • Always being actively involved in serving our community…Opening our doors and exploring ways of ‘doing’ church…

3.  Serve

  • Always seeking ways we can support those in need…
  • Accepting and nurturing people of all ages…

4.  Pray

  • For one another…
  • For local groups and fellowships…
  • For overseas missionaries…

Having said all that, the best way to get to know us, is to come and join us, we’d love to welcome you.

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