Clean Water with BMS

Clean Water for the Developing World with BMS

We’ve been inspired to raise £2,000 to enable BMS World Mission to bring clean water to a village in the Developing world.  This was the cost of putting a well in a village in Uganda and we want to raise this amount of money to give clean water to another village in the developing world too.  We launched our fund raising effort in June 2018.  We were told the inspirational story of how clean water saves lives and transforms lives by our Link Missionary, Joe Ovenden.  See

Why not do a sponsored event?  Think of something to do… either a personal challenge like a 5km run,  or climbing snowdon, or something useful like washing cars, doing gardening for people, or simply tidying your room!  There is a Form to download below, then print that out and fill in the details of your event, then get as many sponsors as you can, do your event, then bring the completed forms with the sponsorship money raised to the Church (LLCC):

  • On any Sunday before the service (10:15-10:30) after the service (12:00) and give it to Alan, our Treasurer or one of the church leaders
  • Bring it to our RAK community drop-in on a Thursday 11-3 and give it to Alan, our Treasurer.

Here is the sponsorship form.

LLCC BMS Sponsorship and Gift Aid declaration form v2

All money raised by this appeal goes to the clean water project (not to the Church).