Sunday Service 2020-05-31

31st May 2020: Pentecost Sunday

Welcome to our Online Pentecost Sunday Service at Llanelwy Community Church.  Welcome, too, to Peter Cousins who has prepared the service and will be speaking.

Feel free to use this service whenever you want. However, the idea is that, if you can, to start at 10:30 on Sunday. During the service, (after an item) please add a comment on our facebook page to encourage a feeling of togetherness. Or send us a comment or greetings if you’ve done this at another time.

Then, at 11:45 on Sunday, we’ll have a zoom meeting at If you click on this link now, you can download the zoom client (which is free) so you are ready to go, or just use the webpage to join. Or you can dial in using the numbers below. If none of that works for you, please simply ring other people in the congregation or do a messenger-group-chats together (or however you do online chats!) encourage one-another and generally catch up with one another.

Please click on each item and read, or listen to the item, then when you are finished, come back to this page and click on the next item.

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Sunday Service 31st May, 2020

Welcome and Call to Worship: (click here to watch)

Watch and join in the liturgy by saying this prayer altogether:

We are met in the presence of God,
And we do not meet alone.

With the angels in highest heaven,
We gather in time, if not in the same place, to worship the Lord.

With the saints of every age,
We gather to worship the Lord.
With the Church throughout the world,
We gather to worship the Lord.

So, by adults, children and babes at the breast,
God’s holy name is praised.

With drums, sitars, guitars and pipe organs,
God’s holy name is praised.

With people from all nations and every tribe
God’s holy name is praised.

And here with our hearts and our voices,
God’s holy name is praised.

We are met in the presence of God,
And we do not meet alone.

Music (all the music videos today have the words on the screen, so please join in at home if you wish)

Holy Spirit –  Bryan & Katie Torwalt  Click here to watch 

Section for the children: (click here to watch)

Watch as the story of the first Pentecost unfolds:

The Holy Spirit Comes (3 min video)  Click here to watch

Watch and sing along with this 3 minute video:

Pentecost Song, No More Waiting  Click here to watch

Activity: You can download this picture to colour in.  Click here: pentecost-coloring


Music: Holy Spirit, living Breath of God  Click here to watch

Before our intercessions please play the music below and join in. It has been put together with the music ensemble Sound of Wales, led by Cath and Dai Woolridge. The music is Finlandia and the words are an English translation of the poem by Lewis Valentine Dros Gymru’n Gwlad. Sung by participants from all over Wales it makes a powerful prayer for this special Sunday.

Click here to watch

Prayers of Intercession – Angela:  Click the start arrow below to listen


Bible Reading:  Today’s reading is Acts 2:1-13 Click here to watch


Music: A wonderful old Salvation Army hymn: Send the Fire  Click here to watch


Address: Lockdown Over by Peter Cousins:  Click here to watch


Closing Music: Heal Our Nation  Click here to watch

Closing Prayer: Click here to watch

Prayer (say together):

The Spirit of the Lord is upon us.
Come, Holy Spirit, Come!
We are anointed by God to bring good news to our nation.
Come, Holy Spirit, Come!
We are called to declare that God loves the world
Come, Holy Spirit, Come!
We are called to share the love of Jesus our saviour
Come, Holy Spirit, Come!
We are invited to open our churches, our lives and our homes to the powerful works of God.
Come, Holy Spirit, Come.


If you are able, please join us for ‘post service coffee’ by zoom video conference at (Meeting ID: 828 1331 2027). 11:45-12:15

Please ring each other and/or message each other to encourage and bless one-another.

Sunday Evening

On Sunday evening, join this week’s Prayer broadcast