Sunday Service: Welcome

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Welcome to our First Online Service at Llanelwy Community Church.  If you’d like to get in touch or find out more about the Church, please use the website contact page, or email, or ring John (our minister) on 07931150697.

We’re coming to meet God.  Both individually, and as a community together.

We come in prayer

To carve out some space to worship God.  To listen to him and to allow him to speak to us.  To bring him our requests, and to intercede for others.  We come in prayer.

We come to God

We come to a God who is Holy, and a God who loves us.  We recognise our weakness and failings.  We come in repentance asking for forgiveness and relying on God’s great mercy.  We come in thanksgiving.  Remembering that God has cleansed us and restored us to him.  We come to deepen our love for God and to become more aware of his love for us.  To ask him to pour out his Holy Spirit on us to comfort us and strengthen us for His work to His glory.  We come to God.

We bring our concerns to God

This is a challenging time for us all.  Particularly for those who feel at risk in terms of their health, those who feel vulnerable or those who feel isolated.  For people concerned for their financial futures in a situation which is changing on a daily basis.  For people concerned for loved ones near or far away.  We bring all our concerns to God.

We come recognising that we are the church

This is a hugely significant time for the Church.  It’s a time when we can make a positive difference.  It’s a time when we can pray and encourage others to pray.  It’s a time when we can support one another.  It’s a time when we can invite people outside of the Church to share our hope for eternal life in Jesus and to invite them to find peace with God through Jesus.  We come as the church asking for God’s help and for strengthening by his Holy Spirit.

We bring all our hopes to God

We have hope for this time.  The church has often been able to adapt in societies when churches are not allowed to meet, and this has often resulted in growth and revival.  We face a different situation, and a different threat but we believe in a God who is bigger than any challenge that we could face. We come to the eternal and everlasting God of the universe.

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