Sunday Service 2020-10-04

Welcome to our Online Sunday Service at Llanelwy Community Church. We welcome and thank Peter Cousins who planned the service and is our speaker this week.

Feel free to use this service whenever you want. However, the idea is that, if you can, to start at 10:30 on Sunday. Then, at 11:45 on Sunday, we’ll have a zoom meeting at If you click on this link now, you can download the zoom client (which is free) so you are ready to go, or just use the webpage to join. Or you can dial in using the numbers below. If none of that works for you, please simply ring other people in the congregation or do a messenger-group-chats together (or however you do online chats!) encourage one-another and generally catch up with one another.

Please click on each item and read, or listen to the item, then when you are finished, come back to this page and click on the next item.

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Sunday Service 4th October 2020

Watch and join in the liturgy by saying this prayer altogether:

O God, you summon the day to dawn,
You teach the morning to waken the earth,
Great is your name, Great is your love.

For you the valleys shall sing for joy,
The trees of the field shall clap their hands.
Great is your name, Great is your love.

For you the leaders and tyrants of the earth shall bow,
The poor and persecuted shall shout for joy,
Great is your name, Great is your love.

Your love and mercy shall last for ever,
Fresh as the morning, sure as the sunrise.
Great is your name, Great is your love.


For an excellent introduction to the Book of Daniel, take nine minutes to watch this first class Bible Project explanatory trip through the book (if you want to leave this to later, that’s fine, but it’s worth exploring):

(all the music videos today have the words on the screen, so please join in at home if you wish)

Section for the Children:

Daniel and his three friends had been captured in Jerusalem and taken to the great city of Babylon where they were to be trained as civil servants in the government of a brutal dictator. They were given new names and were expected to obey the rules. A crisis came when they were served disgusting food.

After a couple of weeks the King’s steward came back to discover that Daniel and his three friends were healthier and better looking than all the other young men in training, so he allowed them to choose their own food from then on. By the way, Daniel was so blessed by God that he went on some years later to have a vision of Jesus. He really did turn his eyes upon Jesus!

If you want to, you can ask your parent to give you extra vegetables to eat this week like Daniel and his friends. Personally I think raw carrots are the most yummy!


Prayer of Blessing (say together):

God’s blessing on Llanelwy
God’s blessing on our families
God’s blessing on our children
God’s blessing on those who live alone

God’s blessing on the schools
God’s blessing on the businesses
God’s blessing on the land and those who work it

God’s blessing on the weak
God’s blessing on the strong

The blessing of the Father who loves us
The blessing of the Son who died for us
The blessing of the Spirit who comforts and leads us

The blessing of the One God be on our community

This day and always. Amen

Gweddi o Fendith

Bendith Duw ar Llanelwy
Bendith Duw ar ein teuluoedd
Bendith Duw ar ein plant
Bendith Duw ar y rhai hynny sy’n byw wrth eu hunain

Bendith Duw ar ein hysgolion
Bendith Duw ar ein busnesau
Bendith Duw ar ein tir a’r rhai hynny sy’n gweithio arni

Bendith Duw ar y rhai gwan
Bendith Duw ar y rhai cryf

Bendith y Tad sy’n ein caru ni
Bendith y Mab a fu farw drosom ni
Bendith yr Ysbryd sy’n ein cysuro ac yn ein harwain ni

Bendith yr Unig Wir Dduw ar ein cymuned Heddiw ac ar hyd yr amser.


Please ring each other and/or message each other to encourage and bless one-another.

If you are able, please join us for ‘post service coffee’ by zoom video conference at (Meeting ID: 87287366294.  No password required). 11:45-12:15

Wednesday Evening

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