The Gospel in Wales

Given that March 1st is St Davids Day, the day we celebrate all things Wales, it seems an apt time to focus on the imperative of the gospel in Wales. The front page of this newsletter has been given over to an exciting venture we are spearheading alongside Ruthin Christian Fellowship. We had a joint service before Christmas, which was great, but we saw the potential to think bigger and start something that drew in churches from across the valley. The title ‘Together in the Gospel’ sums up the intention and purpose behind the venture. We recognise that unity brings prosperity in its truest form and understanding. We also recognise Christ’s call to His church to be one, to work together and to seek a common goal. We will be inviting churches from across the valley and hope this will be the start of something exciting, the start of a dialogue and a catalyst for gospel outreach in North Wales. Wherever the church is globally, unity is important, but even more so in North Wales. Thankfully churches and their leaders are beginning to realise this and we are seeing barriers that use to exist lowering and a greater openness from people.

As a church we have long been committed to working together with the other churches in the city, committed to projects such as the missioner and I hope that same selfless outlook will continue. In years gone by churches have taken the decision to look inward when times have been hard, to shut up shop and look after self. I am yet to witness a situation where this has worked. As soon as a church ceases to look beyond itself, ceases to notice the need of those outside its doors, ceases to actively be good news, it ceases to be church. My hearts desire is that we will continue to pursue our God given purpose in St Asaph and beyond. Wales has been a place of great revival, a place that has witnessed some amazing works of God. I am fed up of talking about years gone by, I want to be talking about revival in the present, citing stories from now and not yesterday. Jesus is just as able to work among us now as He did back when because ‘Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.’ Hebrews 13:8.

Will you join me in praying for ort nation? Why not commit to praying to a place in Wales that is dear to you? Pray for the venture with Ruthin Christian Fellowship, that it would be the beginning of something significant. Please do come along and be part of that event. As part of Christ’s church we are all responsible and all capable!

Pastor Ben

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